Giselle Sobrino: Yohana Deserves Happiness

Giselle Sobrino: Yohana Deserves Happiness
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26 December 2022
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Perhaps recommendations come from home, since Giselle is the actress who embodies the character of Yohana in Los Hijos de Pandora and no one like her defends it with her lights and shadows.

Truth is that this actress and teacher has good arguments to convince us that Reynaldo's wife, the pitcher, deserves forgiveness and happiness. But let's follow an order, first tell us how you got to the cast of this soap opera:

«I came to Los hijos de Pandora because I had already worked with Ernesto Fiallo in Vuelve a mirar and he called me for the character of Yohana. We met, talked about it, we did several tests and he gave me the role ».

—You had just embodied Alina in Vuelve a mirar, another family mother who, although in the midst of different conflicts, also struggles to support her family. Weren't you afraid of repeating yourself in the performance?

—Alina and Yohana share common grounds, especially in the first encounter with the role of Yohana, which is quite long, where the viewer sees this woman who has a series of conflicts with her husband and her son, apparently for no reason. At that first moment the characters began to intertwine, the viewer could see it, I could see it too, but not later, because they are roles who indeed, the conflict is family-based, but it’s completely different, although in this first point I did fear that I would look like Alina; of course, you don’t know why she is fighting and then the viewer begins to sense that they are going to have the same conflicts, but they don’t: Alina and Yohana are completely different characters.

—by the way you defended Alina when they asked you if you considered it a negative character, I presume that you fall in love with the characters. Does it happen the same with every character? What get you caught up in the character of Yohana?

—Yes, I fall in love and try to defend them with tooth and nail. I always leave a little piece of mine and I keep a little piece of them. Yohana, for example, is a more fragile woman than me, than Giselle, and I think she is a woman worth admiring because she manages to grow from her conflict, understand it, be free after it unfolds and go all out to get Reynaldo back, to get her life back, and regain happiness. At some point she stops crying and she decides that she’s going to start living without fear. I think that Yohana had a false happiness because she kept a secret for many years, and I think that after she manages to free herself from that secret, she can really begin to act freely, when after suffering greatly, she manages to find her center and decides that she has to accept the consequences, but that she’s going to bet on recovering her marriage, and she does it in a very intelligent way, in a very beautiful way; She does it without demanding too much, she knows that she was wrong, so she does it slowly, understanding Reynaldo's reasons and behavior, and I think she’s worthy of admiration. I am a much more impulsive woman, much more driven by impulse, and I think that’s something that I end up admiring about Yohana and that stays with me for life.

Will it have a happy ending? What can you tell us?

—I believe Yohana deserves happiness. If this woman deserves something, it’s to be free, to be happy...

—Impossible to talk to you and not ask about the theater. What does it mean to you? After tasting the magic of television, are you still connected to the theater?

—Theater is still my safe place. Television has all the magic of immediacy, it has the magic of the wonderful encounter with that viewer you meet running errands at the store and who gives you all his affection and all his criteria, because a good thing of the Cuban public is that they can perfectly approach you and tell you everything they think. That is wonderful and it’s one of the things I enjoy the most: the interaction with the viewer, to be it on the street, on the social media, is something I enjoy very much. Sometimes they write to me and say: oh, I saw you on the street and I was afraid to greet you! No, if you see me on the street, say hello and talk to me a little bit, which is something I enjoy, it's the most beautiful thing television has given me. But theater is still my magical place.


—And the teaching profession, how much does the actress contribute to the acting teacher and vice versa?

—Teaching is one of my great passions. I’m giving and receiving all the time. I receive everything they give me, I try to teach them everything I know and I try to learn from them. I think that’s the key to the relationship we have in the classroom and that’s how I like to see teaching: as something that is not only from me to them, but how much of them can stay with me; among themselves, how much can one contribute to the other... That’s wonderful and I’ve had excellent students who are now colleagues. For example, Amanda Oropesa, the actress who plays the character of Vanessa, is currently my student.

—Immediate projects?

—As for new projects, there are several things brewing, but it is still something I cannot share. And open to all projects that can make me grow and make me a better person, either as an artist or as a human being.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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