Film Fest to kick off in Havana

Film Fest to kick off in Havana
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1 December 2022
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The fest for film lovers, fans, and those loving the productions made by this thriving region kicks off today. Havana holds the 43rd New Latin American Film Festival.


Against all obstacles, the Festival will be held. It is the result of the effort of an institutional framework; indeed: it is the satisfaction of a permanent debt with the public of a country that loves, beyond the maelstrom of the hegemonic industries of the seventh art, the cinema that is made on this continent, which is always a portray of a very unique context.


It is the same Festival and it is another due to present circumstances. We cannot dream about those mega event of decades ago. There are fewer cinemas. There are fewer film productions. But it is about highlighting the values ​​of an essential sample, much more "tangible."


Now there will be over 100 films, competing in the categories of fiction feature films and short films, documentary feature films and short films, directorial debut, unpublished scripts, post-production and posters.


Until December 11, four movie theaters in the capital will host the productions in competition, which will be accompanied by a selection of films from Latin America and other regions in order to present a panorama of contemporary film production.


This Festival celebrates the return to normalcy, after the impact of the terrible pandemic. This Festival celebrates the return to theaters, to that unique experience that is to enjoy a film in great company.


And in the circuit of international festivals, the one held in Havana excels.


Yumey Besús, chairman of the Film Festival, points out that unlike other events, the Havana Film Festival is characterized by privileging films that better address the actual situation of people in Our America.


X Alfonso and Argentine’s cinema to open the event


The Cuban singer-songwriter, arranger and producer X Alfonso will be the guest artist at the inaugural gala of this edition.


The opening is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Charlie Chaplin cinema.


The film chosen for the occasion is Argentina, 1985, an Argentine-American historical drama from 2022 produced and directed by Santiago Mitre. The film narrates the real case of the task of the prosecutor Julio César Strassera and his team, in the famous Trial of the Military Juntas that had installed a regime of State terrorism with thousands of disappeared and tortured, during the last dictatorship that ruled Argentina until 1983.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translated Staff

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