With Fidel and the revolutionaries, a January of celebration in the westernmost Cuban region

With Fidel and the revolutionaries, a January of celebration in the westernmost Cuban region
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17 January 2023
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From very early on January 17, 1959, thousands of inhabitants of Pinar del Rio awaited the arrival of Fidel Castro and the triumphant barbudos, with the joy of those who know they are free and protagonists of new pages in history.

Until about eight o'clock at night, when the Caravan of Freedom entered the capital city, many remained in their places eager to listen and greet the revolutionaries who from then on would turn around the reality of the territory known as the Cinderella of Cuba, due to the prevailing situation caused by the neglect of the rulers in office.

At the intersection of Jose Marti and Rafael Ferro Streets, at 8:20 a.m., Fidel addressed the people on a platform and explained the measures of the Revolutionary Government to fulfill the Moncada program.

For more than two hours he also denied the slander of the foreign press to discredit the rising Revolution, and expressed his desire to act to bring the region out of misery and neglect.

I had not come to Pinar del Rio because I had to stay in Havana for several days. Such was the revolutionary fervor of this province, (...) that during the trip between Oriente and Havana I received suggestions from many comrades, asking me to come to Pinar del Rio before arriving in Havana, said the leader on that glorious day.

It was not possible, however, to stop the advance of the whole column to make a tour of the province, and I replied to those comrades: "Don't worry, we have not forgotten Pinar del Rio, we will go to Pinar del Rio", he said at that time.

The province showed an unfavorable panorama in all sectors since, for example, the infant mortality rate amounted to 60.5 per thousand live births.

Similarly, only 33 women had a university degree, life expectancy at birth was only 53 years and the average level of schooling was second grade.

That January changed the destiny of this land and marked the beginning of a period that would be more difficult in the future.

Thanks to the humanistic work of the revolutionary process, extreme poverty was eradicated in the most backward region of the country.

As 64 years ago, the people of Pinar del Rio will welcome this January 17 the Caravan of Freedom, now led by young people accompanied by fighters of the Revolution and artists.

With the same enthusiasm as then, thousands of people will remember the arrival of Fidel after an extensive tour through several territories of Cuba, a few days after the triumph.

Every calendar a new caravan departs from the municipality of Los Palacios to the city of Pinar del Rio, as a continuity of a revolutionary process supported by the men and women of this land, grateful for the achievements of the Revolution.

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