Failure of plans to destabilize Cuba discerned in Uruguay

Failure of plans to destabilize Cuba discerned in Uruguay
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11 November 2021
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Former Uruguayan Ambassador to Cuba Eduardo Lorier on Thursday expressed his conviction that the United States' plans to destabilize the Caribbean country are destined to fail.

Lorier pointed out that in addition to the ancient tactics “the imperialism always used to attack the Cuban revolution”, it is now using new hybrid warfare tactics to achieve its objectives, such as those used in the so-called “color revolutions.”

For Lorier, who is also a former senator of the Frente Amplio (Broad Front), “it is the same dog with a different collar”, with which they intend to make a dent in a people affected by the pandemic and with one of its main sources of income, such as tourism, closed, he told Prensa Latina.

He denounced that in order to achieve their destabilizing objectives, they use enormous resources to finance the Cuban counterrevolution in Miami, but distributed throughout Latin America and European countries.

In this sense, the Uruguayan diplomat described as unacceptable the interference of governments in Cuba’s sovereignty, which breaks all universally accepted diplomatic rules and “must be condemned, as we did with respect to our Government, which unfortunately lends itself to such a destabilizing game.”


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