Eternal Pablo

Eternal Pablo
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22 November 2022
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Pablo Milanes has passed away.


Cuba mourns him, as one mourns a great man. How to mourn one of the main references of culture. How to mourn a symbol? Because Pablo is a symbol.


Pablo Milanés has passed away, a huge singer-songwriter, a poet who embodied the spirit of his people like few others.


Entire generations of Cubans made his songs their own. Those songs integrated (integrate) the essential soundtrack of a nation.


Pablo sang with Cuba. Cuba sang with Pablo.


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Founder, next with Silvio Rodríguez, Noel Nicola and many others, of the Nueva Trova Movement, he contributed to Cuban songwriting the singularity of a lyrical calling, hand in hand with a peculiar interpretive quality.


His voice was a torrent of shades, a field of multiple resonances, the melodious realization of a root impulse.


And in his lyrics the traits of a great troubadour tradition and the new paths of a lyric looking at the challenges of contemporary times came together.


He sang of love, he sang of the Homeland, he sang of the deed of a people, his people.


The work of Pablo Milanés is the indisputable heritage of Cuban culture.


Cuba mourns an essential being.


His concerts were always a celebration of life. Thousands sang unforgettable verses with him, in evenings that became festivals of evocation.


He had the ability to summarize aspirations, feelings, collective tributes.


Time and time again he shared stages and recording studios with significant artists. He used to do second voice in many duet performances... but what a second voice! Prodigy of harmony, of fruitful interpenetration.


The formal values ​​of his songs are out of the question, they even have a symphonic density and scent, even though they were thought for a single guitar.


That’s why the music and lyrics of Pablo Milanés can find full realization in high-profile gatherings and in the intimate gathering of friends.


Far from the country he loved and elevated with his work, Pablo Milanés has passed away at the age of 79. But he was always a permanent presence. He was and will be, because he guaranteed survival a long time ago.


Pablo is Cuba, as are the greatest artists born on this earth: he knew how to catch the indomitable angel of these islands, recreate its marvelous flight, turn it into poetry and music for all times.


Dear Pablo, emblematic beyond controversies, exemplary in his dedication to his art, faithful to a shared heritage. Pablo of everyone. Eternal Pablo.

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