Ecuadorian city is declared world’s culinary capital

Ecuadorian city is declared world’s culinary capital
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7 March 2024
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The Ecuadorian city of Cuenca was declared the world's culinary capital, an award with which the city seeks to become a gastronomic destination inside and outside this South American nation.

Recognized as the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca stands as a cultural treasure nestled in the southern highlands of the Andean country and is the first city in Latin America to be included in the list of culinary capitals of this program, which is supported by the World Association of Gastronomic Travel.

This destination certification initiative is designed to increase the visibility of culture, products and food and beverage experiences in smaller or lesser-known destinations, according to information on its website.

Certification as a Culinary Capital is part of the project being done by the Municipal Tourism Foundation of Cuenca in that location.

Founded in 1557 by Spanish explorer Gil Ramírez Dávalos, Cuenca is also known as the “Athens of Ecuador” due to its rich artistic and cultural tradition.

Cuenca’s gastronomy is an experience for the senses. Places like Mercado 10 de Agosto offer a variety of fresh and local products and was one of the sites highlighted by Culinary Capitals.

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