Detainees released during intervention at San Marcos University in Peru

Detainees released during intervention at San Marcos University in Peru
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23 January 2023
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The Peruvian Public Prosecutor's Office announced on Sunday that most of the students and people arrested during the police intervention at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) were released after the end of the police proceedings.

The detainees were held at the headquarters of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (Dirincri) and the Directorate Against Terrorism (Dircote) of the Peruvian police.  

In the statement, the Peruvian prosecutor's office indicated that one person was detained because he had a complaint against him.  However, the rest of the people detained regained their freedom to return to their cities after camping at the UNMSM headquarters to participate in the demonstrations against President Dina Boluarte in the Peruvian capital.

The Public Prosecutor's Office also announced that it had ordered the initiation of preliminary proceedings for the alleged commission of crimes against patrimony against the University of San Marcos.  This came after the university denounced the actions carried out by the National Police on the university campus.

"On Saturday, January 21, the National Police of Peru, in evident use of force, entered the university campus, without the presence of the Ombudsman's Office or the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office.  Therefore, we denounce the abuse of authority towards our intervened students," reads the document.

Hundreds of people mobilized in the Peruvian capital in support of those arrested at San Marcos University and demanded their immediate release.

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