The current Covid-19 outbreak in Santiago de Cuba has a higher transmission rate

The current Covid-19 outbreak in Santiago de Cuba has a higher transmission rate
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26 November 2020
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The Covid-19 outbreak that has kept this province in tension for the last two weeks has a transmission speed higher than the beginning of the pandemic in March, a health authority estimated here today.

Doctor Guillermo Mora, provincial director of the Ministry of Public Health, affirmed that the territory's epidemiological panorama is worsening due to a greater spread of confirmed cases, with greater incidence in Santiago City, and the municipalities of Songo-La Maya, Palma Soriano, San Luis, and Contramaestre.

He indicated that there are 100 infected people to date, 30 contracted the disease abroad.

Indiscipline and sanitary protocol violations by international travelers and their relatives, friends, and neighbors are the leading causes of the negative trend, after more than six months without incidents, stressed Mora.

He illustrated that in Songo-La Maya, two individuals who came from abroad complicated the situation. A similar situation happened in Santiago.

The health official urged people to be honest in declaring personal data and possible contacts to stop the spread of the virus.

The placement of yellow ribbons on the compromised houses, spraying of chlorine on streets and parks, the toughening of the fines to the violators,  and systematic information to the population.

Santiago de Cuba province reported 28 of the 76 cases reported on November 24. One was imported.

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