Cuba's economy in 2023 focuses debates in Parliament

Cuba's economy in 2023 focuses debates in Parliament
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22 July 2023
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The performance of Cuba's economy in the first half of 2023 is the focus of the third and last day of the First Session of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP, parliament) in its 10th Legislature.

At the Palace of Conventions in the capital, the deputies will also discuss the liquidation of last year's budget.

The agencies and provincial governments that will render accounts in December before the legislature will be approved, as well as the entity that will be subject to high auditing.

In addition, the deputies will ratify the agreements and decree laws approved by the Council of State.

This Friday, the deputies approved an agreement that establishes general indications for their adequate relationship with the voters and the local bodies of the People's Power of the territory where they were elected.

The Cuban parliament analyzed the dissatisfaction of the population with the high cost of goods and services, the impact of price control measures, as well as new proposals to address the issue.

The legislators discussed the implementation of the Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security Law, the results of which are not yet as expected, according to Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia, who informed the plenary.

According to the deputy prime minister, the law alone does not solve the problems in this area, "but it is necessary to reach every land, plot and yard that has the capacity to produce".

Tapia considered that the organization of local food systems is the solution to achieve food sovereignty and food and nutritional security, and it is necessary to develop them with urgency, sustainability and resilience.

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