Cubans recall martyrs of homeland

Cubans recall martyrs of homeland
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7 December 2022
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Havana, Dec 7 (Prensa Latina) This Wednesday, Cubans pay tribute to the martyrs of the Homeland in public squares, streets, and avenues, due to the historical coincidences of events associated with independence fighters of the island.

On December 7, 1896, Major General of the Liberation Army, Antonio Maceo fell in a battle, while leading the invasion from East to West of the island, action that would have ended Spanish colonialism in the country.

On December 7, 1934, Frank País was born in Santiago de Cuba. He became the national leader of the July 26 Movement during the struggle against Fulgencio Batista dictatorship (1952-1958).

Frank País coordinated significant actions in the undercover struggle like the November 30 popular uprising, which ended on January 1, 1959, when Fidel Castro and the Rebel Army entered Havana.

In 1989, December 7 was chosen,an event known as Operation Tribute, to carry out the funeral services of the fighters fallen in the fulfillment of their internationalist duty in Angola, Ethiopia, and other countries.

Between November 27 and December 4, 1989, the remains of 2,085 martyrs on military missions and 204 on civilian tasks were moved to Cuba and later buried in the pantheons of the Fallen in each of the country’s municipalities.

From this date on, acts of homage and pilgrimages are held in Cuba to commemorate and remember all those who fell in the wars of independence or in international missions.

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