Cuban Parliament published draft Social Communication Act

Cuban Parliament published draft Social Communication Act
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12 January 2023
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 11 (ACN) The Cuban National Assembly of People's Power (Parliament) published today on its website the latest version of the Social Communication along with an e-mail address to facilitate citizen participation in the legislative process and contribute to people’s legal culture.

From January 18 to 27, the bill will be discussed by the deputies in regional meetings before it is submitted to the Parliament for approval.

The intention of the future Act is to regulate the country’s social communication system with a view to the strategic integrated management of communication processes in organizations, media outlets and communities for political, public good, organizational and commercial purposes. Its text recognizes the provisions on freedom of the press enshrined in the Constitution and the principles of organization and operation for all media in the country.

Its regulations are applicable, as appropriate, to State organs, bodies, mass and social organizations, and Cuban and foreign individuals and entities with permanent or temporary residence in Cuba or transitional presence in the country.

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