Cuban musician Herrera invites Guatemalans to premiere at Jazz Plaza

Cuban musician Herrera invites Guatemalans to premiere at Jazz Plaza
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19 January 2024
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Cuban saxophonist Michel Herrera travels today with three important Guatemalan musicians for the premiere in his country of his fifth album in the context of the Jazz Plaza International Festival.

The young performer invited chapines Miguel Ángel Ixcoy (trombone), Julio Valle (guitar) and Pablo Andrés Morales to the 39th edition of that important event and, to his concert in the Covarrubias room of the National Theater of the largest island in the Caribbean. (percussionist).

Herrera, who has been working in the jazz genre in Guatemala for a year, performed here on April 30 of last year in commemoration of International Jazz Day as an exchange between both nations.

Under his arrangements, the Big Band of the capital municipality, directed by Gabriel Paredes, inaugurated on May 19, 2023 the Cultural Festival of Sexta, the central street in the Guatemalan historic center.

In tribute to the 110th anniversary of the birth of the renowned musician Ignacio Villa (Bola de Nieve), which is planned for next Friday the 26th at 6:00 p.m., Havana time, it will include the eight pieces from his most recent album.

They mark Without Bola there is no paradise, with the production and direction of Herrera and the label of the Musical Recordings and Editions Company, titles such as Becqueriana, I can’t be happy, Vete de mi, Alma mia, Don’t let me forget you, Drume Mobila , Oh, love, and Stream of my house.

He will also release two songs that do not appear on the tribute plate: La flor de la canela, with the participation of the prominent orchestra conductors Manolito Simonet and Alain Pérez, and Si me amaras, which brought together the singer Mandy Cantero.

They will be joined by the Areito Orchestra, directed by Maestro Emilio Vega, Emilio Morales, Rodrigo García, Aldo López Gavilán, Yasek Manzano, Idania and Osiris Valdés, Norisley Valladares (El Noro) and Polito Ibáñez.

Dominican saxophonist Sandy Gabriel, American pianist Stephen Anderson, as well as his countryman and drummer Zack O’Farrill will also offer their art as part of the show.

Regarding the selection of Bola de Nieve’s repertoire, Herrera declared to the press before that “some titles are the best known and others not so much but equally incredible, which we believed would be important to bring to this record proposal.”

During the recording process he described it as a challenge to be able to say something different when it is a harmony that really marked the aesthetics of Cuban music in the world.

“Because I believe Bola marks an important stage in Cuban music and culture,” acknowledged Herrera, considered one of the most productive figures in the jazz scene of the largest island in the Caribbean.

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