Cuban film ¨Night with the Rolling Stones¨ opens festival in Namibia

Cuban film ¨Night with the Rolling Stones¨ opens festival in Namibia
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24 May 2024
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The film ¨A Night with the Rolling Stones¨, by Cuban filmmaker Patricia Ramos, opens the 10th Ibero-American Film Festival in Namibia, according to the president of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), Alexis Triana.

With a packed hall in the capital Windhoek, the event is taking place this week, once again raising the name of Cuban cinema in honor of ICAIC’s 65th anniversary.

Cuba’s ambassador to the African country, Sergio Vigoa, highlighted during the opening ceremony the extraordinary artistic values of one of the most recent film productions of this archipelago, Triana commented on his official Facebook account.

¨A Night with the Rolling Stones¨ was one of the fiction premieres competing in the 44th edition of the New Latin American Film Festival of Havana, an event that takes place every year in December in this country.

Its director is also the screenwriter of the film produced by ICAIC and Mar y Cielo S.A., and the cinematographer is Alexander González, while the original music is by Magda Rosa Galván and Juan Antonio Leyva.

The film followed Rita in Havana in 2016, months before The Rolling Stone concert, a 45-year-old woman with several unresolved conflicts in her life, but with the hope that something big and unique is about to happen.

The leading role was played by actress Lola Amores, who was joined in the cast by Maite Galban, Santi Estupiñan, Jorge Martínez and Roberto Espinosa.



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