Cuba to update legislative schedule after Covid-19 impact

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Cuba to update legislative schedule after Covid-19 impact
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20 October 2020
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FotosPL: Vladimir MolinaHavana, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's Justice Minister Oscar Silvera explained that the legislative schedule approved since 2019 will have transformations due to the epidemiological Covid-19 impact.
On an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, the minister said that the current health situation imposed different dynamics on the country and the operation of the National Assembly could not be exempted from them.

'Today we are in the stage of preparing an ordinary session of the National Assembly for October 28. The legislative schedule will necessarily undergo transformations,' the minister emphasized.

According to Silvera, next December the Ministry of Justice must present to the lawmakers an update of the planning of legal regulations.

'It is necessary to renew the legislative program, but in the midst of exceptional circumstances, intense work has been done to prepare the preliminary drafts that will be submitted in due course for the approval of our parliamentarians,' he noted.

The minister highlighted the four initiatives that are currently being analyzed by MPs virtually.

'They are all transcendent, important laws, because they comply with the Constitution's indications and largely supplement the whole legislative arrangement of the upper superstructure of the State and Government,' he concluded.

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