Cuba prioritizes care for children affected by accident at Saratoga hotel

Cuba prioritizes care for children affected by accident at Saratoga hotel
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10 May 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 9 (ACN) The psychological care of children affected by the events at the Saratoga hotel is a priority, said Ena Elsa Velazquez Cobiella, Cuban minister of education, during a tour around the Rafael Maria de Mendive elementary school, located in the capital's Old Havana municipality.

That institution received today 120 of the 393 students of the Concepcion Arenal elementary school, which was damaged by the accident, while the rest were relocated to other three educational centers.

The students, in general, returned to classes Monday to continue with the educational teaching process, which will be accompanied by a joint work with the Center for Diagnosis and Guidance (CDO by its Spanish acronym), the University of Havana and the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, said the head of the institution.

On Friday, May 6, the same day the explosion occurred; it was decided to relocate the children to the nearest institutions with the best conditions in the area, which provide adequate structural assurance, with spacious and well-functioning premises, she assured.

She insisted on the essential role of the family and the importance of children attending school as soon as possible, where material resources and a team of professionals are guaranteed to facilitate their adaptation.

Indira Pla Fontanills, head of the Special Education Level of the municipality of Old Havana, explained that in the four educational centers permanent groups have been formed with a psychologist, a CDO specialist and two psycho-pedagogues, who are supported by a child psychiatrist and clinical psychologists.

During this first day, she added, the emotional affectations of the students will be identified for their individualized attention, with permanent joint observation with the family and teachers.

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