Cuba to host Meeting of Left-wing Publications

Cuba to host Meeting of Left-wing Publications
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1 February 2023
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The 1st International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Leftist Parties and Movements will be held in Havana February 10-12, the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) announced today on Twitter.

According to the message of the Cuban political formation, the event will address issues around imperialism, socialism and youth, solidarity and unity of the left and the legacy of the historic leader of the Revolution in the Caribbean country, Fidel Catro Ruz.

The meeting will take place at the Che Guevara Room of Casa de las Americas, and in the context of the 31st Havana International Book Fair, to be held February 9-19.

Convened by the theoretical and political body of the PCC, Cuba Socialista, the event will bring together for the first time in Cuba, thinkers and representatives of left-wing parties and movements' publications, to reflect on the problems and challenges faced by the revolutionary and progressive forces in the current world context, biased by the right-wing offensive.

Workshops will be held on "US imperialism and the new world geopolitical configuration", moderated by Enrique Ubieta; "Socialism and youth", under the leadership of Yoerky Sanchez Cuellar, head of the Juventud Rebelde newspaper; and "Fidel and international solidarity", chaired by Abel Prieto Jimenez, president of Casa de las Americas.

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