Cuba Finished a Good Boxing World Youth Championship

Cuba Finished a Good Boxing World Youth Championship
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1 December 2022
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Ranking sixth in the overall medal table, and second among men, Cuba finished a very good performance in the World Youth Boxing Championship that took place in the Spanish town of La Nucía last weekend.


Ronny Álvarez (86 kilograms) and Adrián Fresneda (92 kg) were the winners of the gold medals, but Cuba also added a silver and three bronze medals, to improve the performance of the previous world event.


Last year, in Kielce, Poland, ours boxers returned with a gold and two bronze medals while in Budapest 2018 (remember that the pandemic interrupted the continuity of these events) the harvest had been only one gold and a third place, so to find a similar performance you have to go back to St. Petersburg 2016, when there was a balance of two gold medals and two silvers.


Now, despite a couple of absences due to desertion within the delegation, more metals were achieved and they left a very good impression.


Álvarez had a hard match to  beat Italian Paolo Caruso very closely (3-2) in the final and Irish Nathan Osaro 4-1 in the semis, but his performance in the world contest was strong, with unanimous successes in the rest of his matches.


Meanwhile, Fresneda was better to English Damar Thomas 4-1 for the scepter, the only one who deserved the support of at least one judge against him throughout the Alicante tournament.


For his part, Ewart Andrés Marín (51 kg) only lost against the Mexican Ari Bonilla, who beat him 4-1, but he had a very outstanding performance, with unanimous wins against his other four rivals.


Cuba won bronze medals thanks to Pedro Veitía (71), Khriszthihan Barrera (75) and Luis Frank Reynoso (80) also with very outstanding performance, all of them surpassed by Uzbek opponents who later won the title.


Likewise, Liexter Poll (60) lost in a close verdict (2-3) against Irishman Lee McEvoy, and his work was praised by the Cuban coaching staff, who came out reassured from the event.


The presence of a complete team (unfortunately only in the men's sector, because we are still waiting for official support for the girls) allowed us to keep the fight until the end and begin to take over the main figures of Los Domadores, who must finish their sports careers in Paris 2024.


For what was seen, if worked well the name of the Cuban Boxing School  will remain high, which by the way, had a couple of good news this week, with the intervention of Julio César La Cruz and Arlen López in the Dorado event with headquarters in Mexico, debut of the Cubans in the World Tour promoted by the IBA, and the visit to Cuba of the head of the organization, the Russian Umar Kremlev.


The latter should give other good news, but we will comment on that in due time.

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