Cuba favors removing obstacles to have access to Covid-19 vaccines

Cuba favors removing obstacles to have access to Covid-19 vaccines
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19 June 2021
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Cuba supports the global appeal to eliminate the obstacles that hinder access and equitable distribution of vaccines against Covid-19, Deputy Minister of Public Health Regla Angulo said on Friday.

Speaking virtually at the Summit for vaccine internationalism, the official pointed out that Cuba condemns any unilateral coercive measure that prevents, limits or increases the cost of access to these immunizers.

She recalled that, in order to face Covid-19, more than 1,000 research studies have been registered and implemented, including the development of clinical trials of five Cuban vaccine candidates, two of which are in phase 3 studies.

She also explained that the country is carrying out a health intervention in at-risk groups and territories with two candidates: Soberana 02 and Abdala, which will allow 70 percent of the Cuban population to be vaccinated by the end of August.

With the subsequent authorization of the emergency use of the vaccines, we will be able to immunize all our citizens and support other countries, she said.

She stressed that Cuba is willing to support, with scientists and experts, all efforts to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic in the world.

In addition, Cuba reaffirms the need to work towards swift universal immunization and to ensure an equitable, supportive and affordable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.



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