Cuba: Border shutdown when time is right

Cuba: Border shutdown when time is right
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19 March 2020
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The Cuban health authorities insisted today that until now the closure of the border is not a prudent measure, taking into account the level of introduction and transmission of the Covid-19 currently registered in the country.

The head of the department of communicable diseases of the Ministry of Public Health, José Raúl de Armas, specified in a press conference that until there is an indigenous transmission and its magnitude is considered, it will not be decreed to prevent entry through airports, ports and marinas.

So far, Cuba reports 11 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, the cause of Covid-19, including five foreigners and 356 hospitalized as suspects, all stable and none in serious or life-threatening situations.

The specialist confirmed that Cuba has structured all the mechanisms to detect the suspicion of the disease in anyone who arrives from abroad, which has been accomplished in cases diagnosed as positive, including contacts, who are also kept under epidemiological surveillance.

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