Cuba announces health fee for all persons arriving from abroad

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Cuba announces health fee for all persons arriving from abroad
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16 November 2020
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Havana, November 16 (RHC)-- Cuban authorities announced the establishment of a health fee for all passengers arriving on the island from abroad, regardless of their nationality.

According to a Resolution of the Ministry of Finance and Prices published on November 14 in a special issue of the Official Gazette, the provision establishes a fee of 30 US dollars. It will come into effect as of December 1. Passengers can also pay the price in any other freely convertible currency.

The Resolution exempts of payment crew members of ships or aircraft whose stay in the national territory is less than 24 hours.

The Resolution also provides that air carriers and shipping companies or owners of vessels, including recreational vessels, shall pay the corresponding fee to their passengers and crew members through airport, port and navy operators, and ship agents as appropriate.

Dr. Carmelo Trujillo Machado, head of International Health Control of the MINSAP's Epidemiology Directorate, said that the fee covers the PCR test and the costs of the rest of the health protocols followed at the border.

In the case of outbound travelers, PCR tests are being performed for countries that require a negative certificate of a PCR test. This process is guaranteed to all nationals in provincial health centers.

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