Cuba advocates sustainable development in food industry

Cuba advocates sustainable development in food industry
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14 February 2021
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Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, called today on Twitter for a more sustainable development of the productive system of the Cuban food industry.

Diaz-Canel stressed that history once again ratifies that the country has to develop and solve problems autonomously; the business system has to move, he said.

In a recent working meeting with executives of the Ministry of the Food Industry ( MINAL by its Spanish acronym), Diaz-Canel pointed out the need to put into practice a way of thinking aimed at breaking with the import culture and adopting an export mentality.

He urged Cuban businessmen to mobilize and take advantage of the 43 measures for the strengthening of the socialist state enterprise and maximize the benefits of the Ordering Task (economic), a process that began in the country last January.

It is expected that the Ordering Task, monetary and foreign exchange, will contribute to the efficiency of the food industry and the consequent growth of the levels of satisfaction of the people.


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