The Creativity and Energy of "Perros Callejeros "

The Creativity and Energy of "Perros Callejeros "
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12 October 2022
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It was not surprising that the members of the Villa Clara project Los Perros Calles accumulated most of the awards in the recently concluded National Dance Choreography and Interpretation Contest, which was held at the emblematic Sauto theater in the city of Matanzas.

Rarely do the public and the jury coincide, and now it happened, since the prizes for choreography and male performance were joined by popularity, as well as other collateral recognitions in an event that, against all odds, was organized by the Espiral company and the Provincial Council of Matanzas Performing Arts.

And the fact that a young and alternative project deserved so much attention speaks of the creativity and enthusiasm of some artists who do not exactly come from the artistic education system... and of the assembling ability of the meeting that has awarded them.

Danzandos is still a platform for emerging choreographers and dancers in Cuba, and a privileged confluence space, as some of the benchmarks of contemporary Cuban dance also attend and compete.

Actor and theater director Rubén Darío Salazar, National Theater Award winner and member of the jury of this XIV edition, wrote about Los Perros Calles and their proposal:

"For their suggestive Symbionte choreography, with a technical vocabulary enriched by different aspects of movement, they used body contact as well as elements of break dance; intense, and achieved performance, costumes, lights and other scenic resources such as the smoke from the dust that mimics areas of our traditional popular culture...

Happy and fueled to continue climbing the hill of art, where it’s very easy to fall or go backwards, as in life, they must have gone to their city in the center of the country, heirs to a region where contemporary dance has a unique history as well as beautiful and awarded. The dancers from the land of Martha Abreu came to Matanzas not only to dance, but to win and convincingly ".

The event in Matanzas, which has the tireless choreographer and dancer Liliam Padrón as an essential pillar and the company that she founded and directs for 35 years, Danza Espiral, as the main hostess, brought together dancers, choreographers, critics and specialists from various cities in the country, in a program that included master lectures, theoretical panels, a parallel contest for academy students and a tribute to the Laura Alonso and Johannes García National Dance Awards.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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