Covid-19: with 52 confirmed cases, Cuba totals 1.189 and 40 deaths

Covid-19: with 52 confirmed cases, Cuba totals 1.189 and 40 deaths
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22 April 2020
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With the confirmation of 52 new positive cases for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, causing COVID-19, the number of infected in Cuba rises to 1.189, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym) reported today.


  • 790 out of those 1.189 patients present stable clinical evolution, there have been 40 deaths, two evacuees and 341 discharges; nine are in critical condition and seven are seriously ill, states the MINSAP daily report.


  • It also says that 3.425 patients are admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance, while other 5.497 persons are monitored at home, from the Primary Health Care System.


  • 1.860 cases were studied yesterday, resulting in 52 positive samples. The country accumulates 32.276 samples carried out and 1.189 positive.


  • The 52 new confirmed cases were Cubans; 21 belong to the female gender (40.4%) and 31 to the male gender (59.6%). 63.4% (33) of the positive cases were asymptomatic.


  • As of yesterday, Havana with 44 confirmed cases was the provinces with higher number of Covid-19 patients testing positive.


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