Coronavirus infections rising sharply in Gaza amid Israeli blockade

Coronavirus infections rising sharply in Gaza amid Israeli blockade
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24 December 2020
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The Gaza Strip is witnessing a sharp increase in coronavirus infections with thousands of cases being discovered on a daily basis.  The Gaza Strip has logged more than 30,000 COVID-19 infections, mostly since late August.  Hospitals in the blockaded enclave are running short on intensive care units to treat coronavirus patients.

Experts say the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza is the main reason why tackling the deadly pandemic is particularly difficult. The coronavirus is fast spreading in the tiny enclave and people fear the worst because of the high population density.

The Israeli regime continues to place tight restrictions on the entry of humanitarian supplies including medical equipment despite the alarming number of coronavirus infections. The United Nations has warned that the enclave’s health system could collapse if the number of cases continues to rise.

Gaza’s health system has been battered by the Israeli blockade and three wars since 2007. The dire situation has worsened amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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