Clashes erupt between protesters and police around the United States

Clashes erupt between protesters and police around the United States
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5 November 2020
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Clashes erupt between protesters around the United States as police make arrests. Photo: AP

Clashes have erupted between U.S. police and protesters around the United States amid a state of high anxiety over the winner of Tuesday's presidential election.

There were rallies held in New York City on Wednesday, with protesters chanting “Count The Vote” after President Donald Trump said he would file lawsuits to stop vote counts in several states where they were underway.

The protests, however, turned violent in the evening in Lower Manhattan when some demonstrators set a fire in the street. People were seen setting fire to a Joe Biden campaign sign, in a move that led to a round of applause and chants of “Burn the precinct to the ground.”

In other areas of the United States, authorities declared a riot in Portland, Oregon after protesters took to the streets demanding that every vote in be counted. Governor Kate Brown activated the state's National Guard after protesters were seen smashing windows of area businesses.

Protesters were holding signs saying: “Count Every Vote,” and “Keeping Hope Alive."  Others were also carrying signs reading: “Stop Trump's Racist Voter Suppression," “Black Lives Matter,” and “Don't Steal the Election.”

And about 75 Trump supporters and vote challengers gathered for a brief protest outside the Clark County Election Center in Nevada Wednesday night where poll workers are certifying ballots. They chanted "Stop the Steal," with a man wearing an American flag mask telling reporters: "It's time for the purge."

Observers say there has been no evidence of fraud despite attacks on Nevada's voting system by the president and his campaign.



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