China Ends Two Day Military Drills Near Taiwan

China Ends Two Day Military Drills Near Taiwan
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26 May 2024
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The military drills carried out by the Popular Liberation Army of Cina around the Taiwan Strait waters, ended today according to the announced for the entity at an operetation calified as succesful which simulated to attack "important targets."


Chinese Military Drills Around Taiwan Are Legitimate: Wang

Defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said Friday that "the Command organized its forces to conduct joint exercises around the island in order to check its combat capability. They are legitimate and necessary maneuvers, and seek to repress the arrogance of the secessionist forces and deter interference and intervention by external forces."

Qian stressed that "Every time 'Taiwan independence' provokes us, we will push our countermeasures one step further" until "complete reunification" is achieved, dispute which dates back to the Chinese Civil War, when nationalists fled to Taiwan following their defeat at the hands of the popular's forces in 1949.

For his part, the Foreign Affairs spokeperson Wang Wenbin said that the continental China will never tolerate any independentist or separatists activities under whatevers pretext, "Taiwan is China's Taiwan and the United States is in no position to point its fingers at China," he said.

"The root cause of tensions across the Taiwan Strait lies in the attempt of the Democratic Progressive Party (PDP) authorities to 'trust the United States and seek independence'. At the same time, some voices in the US are trying to 'use Taiwan to contain China' under the pretext of maintaining regional peace and stability," Wang pointed out.

Wang also stated that "the international community adheres to the 'one China principle'", that "Taiwan’s independence" is a dead end" and that "tolerating and supporting Taiwanese independence only leads to disaster".

Named "Joint Sword-2024A", the exercises were launched three days after Taiwan's President Lai Ching-te took office and made an inauguration speech that China denounced as a "confession of independence".

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