China to create biodiversity protection fund for poor countries

China to create biodiversity protection fund for poor countries
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12 October 2021
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Beijing, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) The President of China Xi Jinping announced the creation of a 233 million USD fund to support developing countries in preserving biodiversity.
The President spoke of the matter at the COP15 World Summit and invited other countries to join the initiative, insisting on the importance of maintaining a harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

In his words, the poor countries are facing greater challenges in the environmental sphere because they must undertake economic recovery while still under the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He mentioned China's results in protecting the flora and fauna, the plans of advancing further, expanding the usage of clean energy sources and even attaining carbon neutrality by 2060.

Xi Jinping also asked for solutions associated to industrialization, respecting nature and recovering ecosystems.

COP15 will remain in session until October 15th at the city of Kunming, after being rescheduled twice and restructured as a result of the pandemic.

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