Celina Gonzalez, one of Cuba’s indispensable artists

Celina Gonzalez, one of Cuba’s indispensable artists
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16 March 2023
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Havana, Mar 16 (Prensa Latina) An advocate of Cuba's most autochthonous music and traditions, Celina Gonzalez is one of the indispensable artists in the country's historic sound.

On her 95th birthday, Gonzalez, who has been regarded “the Queen of Cuban country music,” returns to the stages hand in hand with new generations of artists who are faithful to her legacy.

Winner of the 2002 National Music Award, Gonzalez made her life a prolific journey on Cuban and foreign stages to become a cultural symbol and a benchmark for the future generations.

Through her music, she showed the realities of Cuba’s countryside and African religious traditions, as proved by dozens of guajiras, sones montunos, ballads, and guarachas, among other Cuban rhythms.

Gonzalez won the critics’ applause and the people’s admiration for her versatility and dedication, and gave local music a distinctive quality with songs such as “Una Santa Barbara,” “Yo soy el Punto Cubano,” “Que viva Chango,” “Mi tierra es asi,” and “Flores para tu altar.”

She shared stage with musicians such as her life partner Reutilio Dominguez, Ñico Saquito, Benny More, and Barbarito Diez, among several exponents of Cuban music.

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