Biden, Who Best Associates with the CIA

Biden, Who Best Associates with the CIA
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15 December 2022
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Says the official documentation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that does not respond to any government and it does to what best suits the North American people, but none of it’s true, and in in this context, it "brawled" with the previous president, Donald Trump, who left it in full turmoil, but recovered its poise with the current one, Joe Biden, who used it well when he was vice president of Barack Obama.

Four days after taking office, Biden had already named the deputy director of the espionage entity, and on day nine, to its director, William Burns, giving him a depth of work on the Ukrainian problem, as he did before with Afghanistan issue.

Now, with great fanfare, the president praised the CIA's work in the advice to Ukrainian military and mercenaries, many of them neo-Nazis, who are trained in NATO countries; defense and offensive actions against the troops and the Russian aviation participating in the special military operation, and the personal protection to the Ukrainian president, Vladimir Zelensky.

Thus, he highlights the role of the entity in recent war events in Ukraine, about which the U.S. military analyst Scott Ritter, from Consortium News, unravels what has happened in these last few days, summarizing that Russia has lost, without further punishment, a territory in Kharkov that did not interest him strategically and Ukraine has won at a high cost in material and troops.

This is part of the machinery to blame Russia for everything bad and legitimize the violations and massacre of the Ukrainian government repeatedly and that for several years it has kept against civilians in the Donbass area.


The CIA, with Biden as vice presidency, was already involved in the origin

of the conflict, which dates back to the beginning of the protests of the

Euromaidan in November 2013, when thousands of protesters came out to protest in Kyiv, due to the refusal of the Ukrainian government to sign the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

In February 2014, President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted, but in the east of the country, a region bordering Russia, protesters took headquarters of governments, proclaiming the independence of certain localities, which caused strong armed confrontations between Europeanists, at the head of which were neo-Nazi elements who persecuted and even burned alive their opponents.

In mid-March 2014, Crimea joined Russia, and on the April 7th, thousands of protesters proclaimed the independence of Donetsk. On April 13th, Kyiv authorities launched an operation in the east of the country with the participation of the Armed Forces.


On the 17th of the same month, a meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland, between the heads of diplomacy of Ukraine, the European Union, the United States and Russia, being approved a document with measures to put an end to the conflict. Revisions to the Ukrainian Constitution were also agreed.


The Luhansk People's Republic was proclaimed on April 28th, after which joined Donetsk in its fight against the Kyiv government, which it recognized in time and publicly that the situation in both places was beyond their control, after which he sent his troops to Sloviansk.

This didn’t prevent the referendums from taking place two days later

on the political status of Donetsk and Lugansk, in which 89% of

voters of the first region voted in favor of independence and 96% of

the second opted to disaffiliate from Ukraine.


This gesture of self-determination the European Union and the United States did not respected and supported the Ukrainian government, claiming that Russia was the solely responsible for separatist tensions.

For its part, the Russian government has repeatedly condemned the actions of the Ukrainian government, referring to its members as "criminals" and calling the events in Ukraine genocide. On the other hand, NATO deployed its troops in countries close to the Russian borders and Ukrainian: Poland, Romania and the Baltic countries.

Before Russia's intervention in the Donbass on February 24th, and Ukrainian troops had already caused more than 14,000 victims in eight years.

The war has spread and intensified, with the dispatch by Biden’s government of more than 14 billion dollars in weapons to Ukraine, thousands of mercenaries and the already mentioned action of the CIA, which has facilitated the assistance of a large number of military advisers and tries to achieve its objectives of discrediting, weakening, and dividing Russia.

Previously, the agency had played an important role in the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, dealt with by Trump and put into practice by Biden that, disastrous or not, achieved the plan established by the administration and orchestrated and recommended by the spy agency.

In this context, the entry of the Taliban and the preparation of a policy to discredit the combatant organization triumphantly, taking advantage of the Taliban limitation on issues relating to human rights, mainly in the non-inclusion of women and other religious issues.

In other words, they were, are, issues foreseen by the Agency, which came to move governments and organizations of all kinds in recriminating the enemy in power through a policy of discrediting the Taliban, combining it with support for an entity created by imperialism, the Islamic State, which intensified its practice of criminal attacks, mainly suicides, against defenseless civilians in markets, hospitals, and churches.


Now, in our continent, although using less hot-tempered methods than those of Trump, Biden continues to disrespect human rights and the popular will, even if they publicly say otherwise.

Thus, he uses the CIA to penetrate organizations that fight against

inequality, further control of the media, torpedoing through several channels governments with different degrees and progressive nuances, such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela and Nicaragua, to which Colombia has now joined; keep and intensify the brutal and criminal blockade of Cuba, after failing to comply with its promise to remove restrictions imposed by Trump, which he mentioned three times in his presidential campaign.

In addition, he continues to use the CIA to persecute those who want to

prevent the extradition from Great Britain to the United States of Julian Assange, unjustly imprisoned for revealing proven North American war crimes.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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