Belgian citizens continue solidarity actions with Cuba despite Covid

Belgian citizens continue solidarity actions with Cuba despite Covid
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24 November 2020
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Brussels, Nov 24 (Prensa Latina) Belgian citizens in solidarity with Cuba continue activities to support the island despite the effects caused by Covid-19, activist Anne Delstanche said on Tuesday.
Delstanche, who is also a member of the Belgium association 'Friends of Cuba,' told Prensa Latina about the shipment in mid November of a new container with medical supplies to the Caribbean nation, this time the French association Cuba Cooperation Lille also participated. We also directed a documentary film, entitled 'Cuba, culture and society,' which was awarded in September at Los Angeles Indie Film Festival, Delstanche, who is also the editor of the film, said. It gives an approach to the Caribbean island from several cultural events.

The activist highlighted the virtual meeting held on Tuesday, November 17 about the role Cuban health professional played fighting Ebola in West Africa five years ago and the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in dozens of countries.

The virtual forum was attended by Belgian and French solidarity activists, as well as Cuban doctors.

The association 'Friends of Cuba' is part of the Belgian Coordinating Committee against the Blockade to the island, to which the 'Oxygen for Cuba' campaign concluded a few days ago. This initiative allowed for seven months that Belgian citizens learned through videos the impact of the siege imposed by the United States by people who suffer it daily.

Delstanche announced that the association participates in a new campaign to vote a resolution against the blockade in May at the UN General Assembly. This text is similar to the one strongly supported by the international community in that forum since 1992.

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