Hollywood Ceremony Turns into Space for Discussing Politics

Hollywood Ceremony Turns into Space for Discussing Politics
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8 November 2016
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The 20th edition of the Hollywood Film Awards ceremony became the main topic of the specialized media after becoming a space where several celebrities discussed about the US elections.

This was James Corden second year hosting the show and right in the beginning he said that he still had no idea of what the awards represented: 'Literally none of this is real. It's the awards-show equivalent of a Donald Trump campaign promise'.

Later, Corden continued by saying that this year they brought back to Star Wars with a female protagonist and made a Ghostbusters remake with a female cast, so he 'prayed to God they reboot t the Clinton presidency with a female lead.'

Most of the comments were in favor of the Democratic candidate. Several celebrities called on their fellow citizens no to miss the opportunity to vote, among them Leonardo DiCaprio, who said: Let's all use our power as citizens to do the right thing. Please vote this Tuesday, Nov. 8.'

Robert de Niro was awarded the Hollywood Comedy Award for his performance in The Comedian and while accepting his award he said: 'We have the opportunity to keep a comedy from turning into a tragedy. Vote for Hillary on Tuesday. '

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