Cuban media company to build production sets

Cuban media company to build production sets
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25 May 2016
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First we plan to convert Astral Movie-Theatre into a great television forum where it can be produced live shows and TV programs, he said.

With that perspective the initiative aims to bring to scene shows and galas of star programs that will approach the public through agreed programming, Ortega noted.

RTV will also promote presentations for children, which will be supported by gastronomic offers and other entertainment, factors that will become Astral Movie-Theater into an important recreational space for the Cuban family.

The second project involves the producing company and it is related to the remodeling and preparation of a farm belonging to the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, located in the town of Managua, in the skirts of Havana.

We want to generate a definitive space for recording soap operas, series and other drama programs, creating the necessary conditions to receive visitors and offer tours to those interested, said the manager.

People can attend that place to know how a soap opera is filmed, exchange with artists and observe closely the processes of creation, added Ortega.

RTV Comercial also serves as producer and co-producer of several TV and film projects.

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