Virulo: 2014 National Humor Award Winner

Virulo: 2014 National Humor Award Winner
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18 June 2014
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That’s what Kike Quiñones, director of the Centro Promotor del Humor (CPH) said in a press conference for the 20th anniversary of Aquelarre Festival.

No one deserved this award more than he did. The history of Cuban humor would not be the same without his work, his teaching contributions and persistent fight to set up this Center…and his ability to unite the young people that during the 1980s were interested in making humor, he said.

Moved by the news, Virulo could only thank this recognition, and wished they could get the Conjunto Nacional de Espectáculos together once more and perform again.

“Those were happy years for me, for Humor in general and the country”, said the man who was born in 1955 and graduated from Architecture in 1981.

For the moment, Virulo will perform next July 3 at pm at the theater room in the National Fine Arts Museum with his group Antivirus. Then, we will have to wait until October 2 when he will be presented with the 2014 National Humor Award at the Teatro Mella.

The responsibility to analyze and to select the winner fell on Kike Quiñones and some other distinguished professionals in literature and performing arts like Noel Bonilla, Laidy Fernandes de Juan, Victor Pagola, Omar Franco, Luis A. Pérez (Newito), Carlos Fundora and other National Humor Award-winners: Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera (2006) and Osvaldo Doimeadiós (2012).

The other candidated to the Award were Mario Limonta, Mario Aguirre, Cirita Santana, Carmita Ruiz, Octavio Rodriguez (Churrisco), Eduardo Borrero, Ángel García (Antolín) and caricaturists Francisco Blanco, creator of the comic strip ¡Hay vecino! and Pedro Méndez, from Melaito supplement, from Vanguadia newspaper in Villa Clara province.

The National Humor Award granted by the Ministry of Culture was set up by the Centro Promotor del Humor in 2000, representing the Performing Arts National Council. It is given to a living Cuban artist whose quality and contributions are important for the national culture.

Translation: Adriana Pérez (Cubarte)

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