A book on Jose Marti to be presented in Quito

A book on Jose Marti to be presented in Quito
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14 July 2015
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The Higher Studies Institute of Ecuador will present this July 14, in Quito, a work on José Martí, chosen as representative of the educational value of Marti's thought, aimed at designing the policy of Our America. The work entitled Educación y revolución en José Martí (Education and Revolution in Jose Marti) has been highly praised by wise Belgian sociologist, Francois Houtart, member of the Scientific Council in this institute, and Ecuadorian intellectual Raúl Pérez Torres.

Héctor Hernández Pardo, the book's author and Deputy General Manager of Marti Program's Office, run by Ph.D. Armando Hart, explains the main thesis of this text states that Jose Marti's ideals are not far from his major political strategy: the unity and integration of Our America.

Moreover, he considers an honor the book to be presented in Ecuador, just at this moment of exceptional defense of the great values of this people and desire of defense of the Latin America and the Caribbean's cause, supported by the president of this nation, Rafael Correa, and within the frame of one more anniversary of July 26, on the action led by Fidel Castro.

The book stresses on education, which goes much beyond a pedagogical learning, to get into a major political strategy, Marti's weapon, aimed at making true the Bolivarian dream, having an undeniable effect, a guarantor of the true independence and the world balance, one of Marti's valid thinking.

In this Ecuadorian edition, its author does not only gather outlined  texts or texts published by him, but he also gives several thesis, especially scrutinized among the deep and extensive work of Jose Marti, which have given our national hero the fair title of Maestro.

The Centro de Estudios Martianos, along with Cuba's National Library, will soon have this edition of the Institute of Higher Studies of Ecuador.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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