Chucho Valdés Remembers Irakere

Chucho Valdés Remembers Irakere
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25 June 2015
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Here, Valdés will play with the best musicians of the genre to offer the best of Irakere's legacy.

Chucho was three years old when his grandma, Caridad Amaro, told his father, Bebo, that, each time he got out of the house, Chucho would sit at the piano and imitated him for hours—and very skillfully—what he had heard his father playing, while he made arrangements or composed on the piano.

It has been 70 years, and with this concert he suggests two festivities, since it also recalls Irakere’s 40th anniversary, that group co-founded by Chucho in 1973, which revolutionized forever the history of music, not only Cuban. Have you ever heard directly Bacalao con pan, for example? Chucho and his Afro-Cuban Messengers, plus the special guests that will join the metal sessions promise an especially electric night. History will be made.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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