Latin Film Festival in Vienna starts with Cuban film Conducta

Latin Film Festival in Vienna starts with Cuban film Conducta
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7 May 2015
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On the Cuban side, there were Cuban Ambassador in this nation, Juan Carlos Marsan, and some diplomats of the Embassy. The presentation speech was in charge of the Third Secretary, Maiky Diaz Perez, who highlighted the original idea and the film per se, as a masterpiece about the universal theme of the formation of values in the new generations. The movie was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, the Cuban Film Institute (in Spanish, ICAIC), the Audiovisual Communications Department of the University of Arts (FAMCA), and RTV Comercial Company. 

The presentation was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps credited in Vienna and by workers of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Integration of Austria. The movie was welcomed by the Austrian and Latin audience with expressive reactions which made evident the interest and understanding of the plot along its 108 minutes. 

After the presentation was over, filmmaker Ernesto Daranas exchanged with the audience and answered some questions dealing with the film’s creative process, the casting work, the screenplay conception as well as elements of Cubans’ daily life. Daranas also talked about the important role of art and cinema in the process of development and social transformation of the Cuban society, as well as the intention of his film to help strengthen those values Cubans want to preserve in our society. His words were followed by audience’s applauses.

Austrian journals, such as Kurier reported on the projection of the film, referring to the good criticisms at other international festivals. Conducta, also shown at the Latin Film Festival of Salzburgo, through the TRIGON FILM distribution company will be projected on Austrian movies from May 8.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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