Havana Film Festival will also see launch of books and publications

Havana Film Festival will also see launch of books and publications
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5 December 2019
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The presentation of books and magazines related to film stands out among the proposals of the 41st International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, to be held from today until December 15.

The event will make a dozen titles available to moviegoers, among them, Issue 21 of the Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano magazine, and the book 'Tribute to the 60th Anniversary of ICAIC,' by the Casa del Festival publishing house.

The book 'Santiago Alvarez: A filmmaker in Revolution,' with a prologue by National Literature Prize winner Reynaldo Gonzalez, offers an approach to the life and work of the renowned Cuban documentary filmmaker, who will be honored in this edition of the Festival on the occasion of his centenary.

In addition, 'El hombre de Maisinicu,' from the Cuban script collection, 'Cuban film billboard (1960-2017),' and 'Fifty Years of Cuban Film (1959-2008),' a compilation by Cuban critics Luciano Castillo and Mario Naito, will be presented.

Among the publishers are diciones ICAIC, Ediciones Boloña, y a las Editoriales Oriente y Letras Cubanas.

Under the slogan 'Ojos que ven' (Eyes that see), the Festival will see the screening of more than 300 films reflecting the cinematographic reality of Cuba and Latin America.

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