Danny Glover and James Early exchange with Cuban youngsters

Danny Glover and James Early exchange with Cuban youngsters
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30 December 2016
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"Think about how important Cuba is to the world": These words - a declaration of love in full force - crowned the meeting of two great American friends, actor Danny Glover and intellectual James Early, with representatives of broad sectors of Cuban youth.

As parents and children who sit down to chat at home, this was the long and tasty talk requested by Glover and Early, which gathered students, intellectuals, young artists and representatives of Cuban youth movements and organizations at the Cuban Pavilion this Wednesday evening.

Both of them must have lost the count of the times they have traveled to the island, and not as tourists, but as friends, in good and bad times, to help as needed, including the battle for liberation and the return to the homeland of the Five Cuban Heroes political prisoners of the empire for more than a decade.

They know Cuba and its people, defend the Revolution, love it even with its imperfections and mistakes - which can serve as lessons for other peoples - and because, in the words of the famous actor, no other country has done more nor achieved so much in the humanist principles and ideals of redemption, equity and social justice.

During the dialogue at the Hermanos Saíz Association headquarters, Cuba was in all the questions and answers, reflections, comments, as well as Marti and Fidel, their ideas, their vocation to serve others, their faith in human improvement and in the utility of virtue.

They also talk about culture, the role of artists in society, information and communication technologies and how young people can and should use them to show the nation the great media try to hide, its reasons, struggles and achievements, its work shared even with other peoples.

This small country has taught us another way of seeing and assuming international relations, cooperation, the value of solidarity, but none of this usually appears on the Internet and much less in the mainstream media, Glover said.

For his traveling companion, the world had never seen the multiplicity of expressions that these new technologies allow today, including the ability to manipulate and lie, to convince people that bad is good, that their friends are enemies - and vice versa - and lead them to act even against their own interests.

The unique and particularly important moment that Cuba is experiencing, the challenges of the present and, above all, the future that young people represent and which is being built right now were also recurrent topics in this dialogue.

Danny Glover and James Early expressed their confidence that, like its predecessors, today's youth will live up to its time, assume the risks and its responsibility, meet its historic mission, and know how to preserve and give continuity to the Revolution.


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