Salim Lamrani: Cuban Revolution remains a beacon of dignity

Salim Lamrani: Cuban Revolution remains a beacon of dignity
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25 December 2019
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The Cuban Revolution celebrates its 61st anniversary on January 1st and continues to be a beacon of dignity and more necessary than ever, stated French academic and essayist Salim Lamrani on Tuesday.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the professor at the University of Reunion Island, located in the French overseas department of the same name, said that Cuba represents the aspiration of the peoples of the South to enjoy their natural rights, without offenses or humiliations based on foreign interference.

'Cuba and its revolution are vectors of a universal message of emancipation and symbolize the resistance of those at the bottom to oppression,' he said.

According to Lamrani, the Cuban people have shown that it is possible, in a geopolitical context of extreme adversity, to take collective possession of national resources and place human beings at the center of the society project.

'There can be no dignity without sovereignty and social justice. Fidel Castro, the hero of the dispossessed, took up arms to vindicate the right of the humble to a decent life and with his people, he built the most just society in the Third World,' he added. With regard to the achievements of the Revolution of January 1, 1959, the intellectual preferred to summarize them by the priority that the State gives to the most vulnerable.

'Basic human rights, such as education, health, culture, sport and leisure, have been a priority of the Revolution since 1959. No other country in the world has done as much for the poorest as Cuba. What makes a nation great and what defines it is its action in favor of the dignity of the dispossessed,' Lamrani concluded.

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