The US blockade to Cuba considered in France immoral and criminal

The US blockade to Cuba considered in France immoral and criminal
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14 October 2019
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French university professor and activist Jean Ortiz today described the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for six decades as immoral and criminal.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, less than a month after the UN General Assembly returns to pronounce on the encirclement, the writer also considered that a violation of human rights of such magnitude and the objective cannot be called otherwise of trying to starve a people.

'It is inconceivable that such a thing can happen, how the United States can maintain this cruelty against a small country that does not bother anyone', he said.

According to Ortiz, the blockade exacerbated by the administration of President Donald Trump is not any crime.

'It is against humanity, of the most important that can be committed, of those who because of their gravity do not prescribe and do not really have qualification', he added.

The professor rejected the economic impact of the aggressiveness of Washington and accused the White House of wanting to sow hunger and despair in Cubans to rise against the government they chose.

The government of Cuba is the victim, it is not responsible for the situation created by an absurd policy, aimed at destroying the revolution, because they see it as the bad example, the black sheep, Ortiz said.

Regarding the November 7 vote in the UN General Assembly, on a draft resolution submitted by the island year after year since 1992 demanding the end of the blockade, he regretted that the United States trampled the multilateral organization.

'They do not comply with anything, they are international bandits who act assuming that the world belongs to them', he warned in relation to the overwhelming support that the text receives at the United Nations, where only the American and Israeli governments usually oppose the forum of 193 countries.

This disrespect is very serious, which deserves not only the condemnation at the UN, but also that the European Union denounces it and makes it clear that the United States cannot impose its jungle law, he remarked.

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