Cuba Is Our Home, Cuban Residents in Panama Say

Cuba Is Our Home, Cuban Residents in Panama Say
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1 July 2019
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The meeting between Vice President Gladys Bejerano and a group of fellow residents in Panama at the Cuban embassy here left the sensation as we were at home.

In the style of the most traditional family, where concerns and projects were shared with the support of all, participants in the Sunday meeting learned about the efforts their country of origin is carrying out to face the shortages generated by the worsening of the US blockade.

We have strategies, projections and programs, but its execution depends in many cases on the policy of force and arrogance by President Donald Trump, Bejerano, who is also Comptroller General of Cuba, said referring to the absurd attitude of Trump, who intends to press and say what Cuba must do.

'In these 60 years of Revolution, we have always experienced difficult moments; but today there is a lot of aggression and danger by the US government, 'said Bejerano, who called for the unity of all, especially those who support and want the good functioning of the common home: Cuba.

About the Constitution, Foreign Investment Law, import replacements and other no less important domestic issues, such as linking science and technology to national food production was also discussed during this meeting, where commitment and sense of belonging prevailed.

Jorge Guerra participated in this meeting on behalf of the most recent immigrant generation in Panama and as a directive board of this group. He recalled that this 'is a revolutionary emigration', that wants to continue united to Cuba and contributing to the nation.

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