Marine Archeological Finding Reported in Western Cuba

Marine Archeological Finding Reported in Western Cuba
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25 August 2014
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Fishermen in western Cuba reported to have found about 60 pieces presumably from a 17th or 18th century wreckage in areas of the Esperanza Harbor, Pinar del Rio province.

The marine archeological finding is considered the largest of its kind in the province, particularly for the finding of over 15 defensive artifacts, according to Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

The list of items includes fire weapons, cannon bullets, sabers and assault machetes, among others relative to the kind of ship of that time, said Juan Carlos Rodriguez, member of the Historic Maritime and Naval Study Group.

Researcher Enrique Giniebra, also with the study group, said that many of the pieces cannot be restored due to the long time they were under the sea.

At present an expert group is working on the characterization of each item, while researchers with the Cuban Historians’ Association and a Border Patrol Unit are trying to locate the exact site of the finding and corroborate other possible evidence.

Numerous wreckages occurred along the Pinar del Rio coasts due to accidents or attacks by pirates in the old days, while any findings of this kind is considered Cuban marine heritage.

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