The Zionist Genocide: The True Right to Self-defense

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The Zionist Genocide: The True Right to Self-defense
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13 May 2021

Nothing else could be expected of a North American president but to sanctify the continued crimes of the Zionist occupier against the Palestinian people, who is always in the cfrosshair of any of the weapons The Empire supplies them constantly and for free.

In this context, Joe Biden keeps a foreign policy similar to that of his predecessor, something that can be understood if we know that most of the economic and financial capital of the United States is based on the bank controlled mostly by Jews.

From the expelling of Arab citizens from Jerusalem, the occupation by Israeli troops of holy places in that city like Al Aqsa Mosque and the sustained estab lishment of settlers in the West Bank, the Western media has barely broadcasted sparks of protests from some Arab governments that still haven’t diplomatically recognized Israel.

But it was enough for Palestinians to respond from the Gaza Strip with homemade rockets against Israeli territory, so that missiles, artillery, and Israel air force waded against the diverse population of the Gaza Strip, with a destruction and death that is still on as an attempt to set an example endorsed by the president of the Empire who affirmed that Israel has the right to defend himself, while condemning the actions of the Hamas movement.

A presidential spokeswoman stressed "the support of the president (Biden) to the Israel security; a legitimate right to defend themselves is fundamental and will not yield ", while she assured, according to EFE, that the U.S. president and his team will continue to seek the conditions for diplomacy, dialogue, a de-escalation of tension and the protection of civilians.


Until this last Wednesday, more than 90 civilians, including 14 children and two women, were killede as a result of attacks by Israel, which even acknowledged so far the death of two women, and nothing else, in what appears to be, as usual, a disproportionate action carried out by the occupying forces, whose prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned that the Army will increase "the intensity and number" of bombings against Gaza.

At the same time, and as something natural in the media controlled by the imperialism, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter silence the repression against the Palestinians by Israel.

A group of humanitarian organizations denounced the blocking of criticism against the eviction of Palestinian families in Jerusalem, where violence by the settlers and abuses by Israeli police have caused more than 300 wounded.

In short, an entire imperial support to the Zionist policy that ranges from the subjugation and expulsion up to extermination, a matter in which it has demonstrated that he has no ethics, even with citizens who are not Jews.


Until just recently, it remained hidden the completion of the plan for the mass expulsion of the Arab Bedouin community residing in the Negev desert.

The forced displacement caused up to 70,000 Arab Bedouin citizens of Israel and the destruction of 35 "unidentified" villages, later establishing them in a sort of municipalities planned by the government.

Would this expulsion, in the language used by Biden, also fall within the right to self-defense of the Zionist state?

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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