The Human Rights We Enjoy Today in this Cuba, the Socialist One

The Human Rights We Enjoy Today in this Cuba, the Socialist One
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10 December 2020

If before the existence of the new coronavirus the world was already living troublesome times between inequalities, poverty, and discrimination; today these indicators show an acute and unparalleled level of crisis, which merits that this December 10th, Human Rights Day, the peoples speak out to shorten these gaps, promote human rights and rebuild the world towards a better, more fair and sustainable world.

Like some experts have said, the current pandemic, but of inequality, structural discrimination, and racism, require from each one of us, civil society, communities, the private sector, institutions, governments, to think of and apply new strategies to promote and protect economic, social, and cultural rights.

Let’s agree on a new social commitment to outline paths for a new and optimal era. Let’s confront the increase in inequality and poverty as a result of the international unfair order, the increase in the climate change effects that threaten the lives of present and future generations, the feelings of hatred, xenophobia, politicization, and manipulation in the approach of human rights.

That more voices are not quiet down, let’s not be shy because among all of us, it’s true that a better world is possible. Cuba, since the Triumph of the Revolution and the work of the leader Fidel Castro Ruz, gave a full twist in the course of its history and the well-being of its people, for this reason Cuba appears today as an international example of achievements in matters of health, education, and culture.

We can’t say that the task is impossible, because this island blocked and underdeveloped in economic matters has attained what "the greatest" still haven’t achieved.

In this Caribbean island, the right to free and universal health and education is guaranteed, and coverage for all Cubans does not discriminate sex, skin color, religious belief or political affiliation, even for those who dare to discredit and degrade the achievements of our socialist Cuba.

Covid-19 has proven once more that on this land health is for everyone and the worth of human life prevails above anything else.

There are achievements that are worth mentioning like the attention to elders and the guarantee to a better quality of life for this population sector; the care for disabled people, their inclusion and the opportunities they are given as well as integration and active participation. Women enjoy the rights at work, social security and undifferentiated wages.

Cuba stands out for its cultural development and full access to art by the population. In this land everyone is respected equally and reality differs from what a few people have tried to sell via social media through certain campaigns.

The mercenaries of this time, as of right now, don’t fight for human rights, that’s not their goal, nor do they respect each other, they only lower their heads when the weight of money falls in their pockets, that is their true price and goal, and when that happens there’s no dialogue whatsoever to begin.

As president, Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez said in the 31st special virtual sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, in response to Covid-19, “our commitment to the purposes and principles that originated this Organization remains unchanged.

The will to keep working hard in favor of multilateralism, solidarity, human dignity, and social justice is firm and resolute”.

“The world emergency in which COVID-19 has thrown us sounds like a new call to the conscience of the world. Let's listen this time. Yes, you can. Cuba is living proof,” said the Cuban President.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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