As expected, Trump crowns himself winner and denounces “fraud”

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As expected, Trump crowns himself winner and denounces “fraud”
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4 November 2020

As expected, President Donald Trump crowned himself winner of the 2020 US elections although there are still millions of ballot to be counted in some US states.

The President made the controversial announcement from the White House after 2:20 am where he, again, accused Democrats of committing electoral fraud.  

“We were ready for a big celebration and suddenly they stopped,” said Trump, who was accompanied by US Vice President Mike Pence and members of his family.

Trump assured that millions of his followers were deprived of their rights due to the fact that electoral authorities continue to count votes in states such as Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“We won in states that we did not expect. We won in Florida, where we won by a lot, we won Ohio and Texas,” said Trump.

To many people’s surprise, Trump declared himself winner in Michigan and Pennsylvania, states where there are millions of ballots to be counted because there the mail-in voting is counted at the close of the elections.

“And we clearly won in Georgia,” Trump said of a state where he maintains a small lead with 91% of the scrutiny.” They can’t reach us” and closed his speech denouncing “an electoral fraud to the American people.”

“As far as I’m concerned, we already won,” Trump said before retiring, ignoring the fact that Biden leads the Electoral College vote count with 225 votes to Trump’s 213. The results are expected to be known no later than Friday.

The dirty trick of current President could not be any more obvious if we take into consideration that he himself had made the allegations of fraud the core topic of his electoral campaign for weeks and threatened several times that if he loses, he would not give up the presidency. As he very well said in his victory speech: “We were ready to win,” that is, to usurp the voting results.

His most recent statement on this subject was made yesterday when he said that American citizens had the right to know the results of the elections that very same evening, and added “winning is easy. Losing is not, at least not for me.”

On the other hand, why did the US President invite hundreds of friends to a White House surrounded by impassable walls. To celebrate his defeat and impede his followers to jump into the White House to congratulate him? There is no need to be an expert in politics to realize the tricky situation.

As expected, in this fraud masterminded by him, the mogul once again mocks the American people and destroys the reputation of a highly praised democracy that they pretend to spread worldwide.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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