Twitter: A social network affiliated with the U.S.?

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Twitter: A social network affiliated with the U.S.?
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29 October 2022

Shortly before the 24-hour deadline for the purchase of Twitter expired, tycoon Elon Musk issued a message on that social network for "advertisers" on Twitter to explain his reasons to buy the network.

According to the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, the first reason why he acquired Twitter, at the astronomical price of 44 billion US dollars, was to consider it "important for the future of mankind to have a common digital ground where a broad spectrum of beliefs can be discussed in a sincere way.”

Although he pointed out that, according to his vision, Twitter "cannot become a hell free for all, where anything can be said without consequences," but must "respect the laws."

In the same way, he confirmed that in this social network, under his aegis, advertising will have a relevant spot. However, more than making money, what matters to him is to "help the Humanity" he loves so much.

Musk acknowledged in his message that "social networks run the risk of increasing the polarization of public opinion between the extreme right and the extreme left, something in which, he said, the traditional media have also fallen, and added that he wants to contribute to overcoming this risk.”

An example of this polarization is the week-long banning —announced this Thursday by Twitter— of the account of the Russian Foreign Ministry, following the publication of a ten-minute video in English about "the provocations organized by the Kyiv regime in Bucha, Izium and Kupiansk.”

Or the recent censorship against several Cuban media, labeled as media associated with the government, under the warning that their content, due to this condition, will have limited promotion. It is worth noting that the practice of making invisible messages that do not fit entirely within the limits of Twitter "democratic" laws has been something common in that social network, according to the information exposed during the negotiation for the purchase of the network by Musk.

By the way, the tycoon published a video of his arrival at Twitter headquarters carrying a sink, which some believe it is a hidden message of Musk’s intentions to “clean” the dirt of the network; for instance, the use of fake profiles to attack governments opposed to the U.S. government.

Now, with the new purchase, it remains to be seen what Elon Musk's concepts of "civilization" and "humanity" are, and who will benefit from the "laws" that the social network must respect.

It is advisable —unless proven otherwise— to label, at least in our minds, Twitter as a private for-profit company affiliated with the interests and values ​​of the US administration in power.

Let's hope that the "future of civilization" referred to by the SpaceX owner manages to materialize on Earth and we don't have to wait for it to materialize in his dream conquest of planet Mars.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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