EDITORIAL: Complying with the measures set

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EDITORIAL: Complying with the measures set
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26 April 2021

Some still believe vaccines are the magic solution. They believe that a gradual vaccination process will solve the main problems of this pandemic. But they are wrong. The vaccination campaign is one of the actions taken to face the growing impact of this new coronavirus. One among many. Self-distancing, wearing face masks, permanent hand washing…are still effective measures. And we need to execute them all. In fact, the vaccine, at best, will contribute to reduce the effects of the disease, but it does not guarantee the eradication of the virus nor it avoids its circulation.

Citizens should be well aware of this situation as over-confidence may prove fatal. It already is, by the way. We have witnessed the relaxation of several protective measures at home, work places and public spaces. These are situations linked to a low risk perception and a relative “normalization” of the contingency.

We must learn how to live with the virus, right. But it necessarily leads us to modify daily practices. And we cannot lose sight on this very dangerous disease, which leaves emotional scars and can be mortal.

The measures implemented are not “friendly.” They can raise not few complications to citizens and institutions. They impinge, obviously, on many aspects of the national life. They have influence on the economy. They cause upset, after several months of restrictions. But they are fundamental. They are essential in a particularly complex panorama.

Implementing these measures with rigor is paramount. Ensuring their enforcement is paramount. But, first, we need to accept them with individual and familiar responsibility. Fines and punitive actions are not enough. More awareness of the problem is needed. And it depends on us.

And institutions, companies, political and social organizations must play a fundamental role. There are specific protocols for every activity. There are no pretexts for not complying with them.

Few people cannot jeopardize the effort of a whole nation to control a challenging pandemic. These measures will not be eternal, but the validity of their implementation will depend on the collective effort. Meanwhile, future massive vaccination campaigns are still being coordinated, which confirms the government’s will to protect all as the Revolution has always done.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of Cuba, recently reaffirmed his conviction that the primary health care system is vital, but it is not enough to face all the challenges posted by this sanitary contingency. We need to dialogue with the people. Most of the answers we need fall on them.

And he talked again about the new life code imposed by the disease. The neighborhood, our homes are the battleground in this fight.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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