Covid19 in Cuba: Who is Responsible?

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Covid19 in Cuba: Who is Responsible?
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21 January 2021

The figure of 431 positive cases for SARS-CoV-2 reported in Cuba last Monday, January 11th, the highest registered since the pandemic began, demonstrates the serious lack of discipline repeated in our daily lives and the low perception of risk, something noticeable in large part of the Cuban population. A scenario that breaks a record one day after another.

Dr. Francisco Durán García, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, in the usual daily report, alerted mothers and fathers on the care and measures they should take with their children, and that these have recently been failing. The consequences show 256 children admitted, 84% of them have already recovered.

However, what’s most alarming is the number of 61 infants accumulated throughout the epidemic, and 11 of them, less than 30 days old. Durán reflected with a tone of high concern about why this is happening, whose responsibility it is for these minors to get sick, and emphasized that their parents are responsible for these measures, their activities and care.

After a series of provisory measures have been adopted throughout the national territory, the setback in the recovery stages, depending on the unique reality of each province and each territory, also the closing or limitation of some activities, the issue of school closings has passed among mothers and fathers in various ways.

In Facebook groups, waiting for the little ones to be received in the mornings by their teachers, in lines, at the grocery store, among neighbors, comments on the matter are plenty, and above all, it needs to be changed. It’s known that the situation at this moment is very complex and delicate, the most critical so far.

But aren’t we advocating for the fast solution? So that the course continues and the students are prevented from missing more classes, why better not worry about the constancy of children in washing their hands, to guarantee that face masks are changed several times, to raise awareness to wear them correctly and be disciplined in this circumstance.

It’s no mystery to any parent or something new that many children handle the masks as simple outfits on their faces, there are those who return home with the next door companion; that those of Junior High and College forget about them when the most important thing is to take a selfie, especially if it’s a group photo, let’s not forget those who are already smoking.

Let's resort to family self-responsibility, like Dr. Francisco Durán said. Parents are responsible for their children and also for their education, their care and the gravity with which they must act and live, because we are both to blame for this context and keepers so we can get back on our feet again.

It’s said and demonstrated, the family is the first school for children. And it’s clear: in this socialist Cuba, the premise will always be health and well-being of the people. Therefore, no one doubts that our highest authorities and the Cuban Government will know when and will take at the right time the best choices for their citizens, everyone’s wellbeing.

If worse comes to worst, which by the way, we’ll be all on us, because the latest statistics show a greater relationship in confirmed natives than in travelers, surely the necessary strategies will be taken to stop the transmission chains of COVID-19, protection of the nation and, most importantly, human life.

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