Biden's Official Decline?

Biden's Official Decline?
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22 March 2024

There’s much speculation, and apparently rightly so, about the political setback of the American president, Joe Biden, who, forced by the large young Democratic electorate has been forced to call the attention of his Israeli Zionist counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, about the fact that the genocide against the population in the Gaza Strip does not benefit Israel in any possible way.

After killing 32,000 Palestinians, more than half of them women and children, the Zionist ruler receives praise from Biden, who also plans to build a port in the north of the narrow territory to deliver humanitarian aid until now boycotted by Tel Aviv, despite deaths from malnutrition and lack of medical care.

But Biden has not become a “good samaritan” overnight, but rather he was influenced largely by the young Democratic electorate, dissatisfied with his policy of supporting everything Israel does, as well as the threat that entails his extreme old age and senility to stand for re-election.

This endangers the hegemony of the Democratic Party and now even more so with Donald Trump's dominance in the polls, despite the possibility that he could be disqualified if any of the 91 accusations against him are proven.

Many commentators, including The New York Times, a Democratic spokesperson, agree on the possibility that Biden will withdraw his candidacy in favor of another candidate who is less old and not at all senile.

To this end, Rick Sánchez, a Cuban presenter for Russia Today based in Florida, points out that this resignation should be scheduled for June, when he apparently can reach 2,000 votes to make his candidacy official, and pass on to the person the leadership of the Democratic Party designates. For him, the most likely are three governors, led by David Newson, from California.

There’s also speculation about the proposal of Michelle Obama.


This is how they describe the vote of supporters from the Democratic Party - mostly young people from the left and ethnic minorities - who in the organization's internal elections expressed their determined rejection to the support that Biden has given so far to the massacre that continues in Gaza, with glimpses in the West Bank.

Microsoft News and The Associated Press agree that the result obtained by the 'uncommitted' no comprometidos, in Spanish), with 19% in Minnesota and 13% in Michigan - among other states - has shaken the support which represents, for Democrats, the 'Rust Belt', an industrial and electoral territory that includes several states and where the presidential elections were decided in 2016 and 2020.

And this has caused an immediate reflection in Biden's presidential campaign and his important shift in unrestricted support for Israel.


It all began a few days before Super Tuesday, in the Michigan Democratic race, in which the 'uncommitted vote' option achieved a surprising 13%, which means a numerical improvement of the advantage that the then Republican candidate gained, Donald Trump, to his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

Michigan has the largest concentration of Arab Americans in the country, more than 310,000, and is now known as one of the "weathervane states," which always end up deciding the presidency, even by a few votes.

Especially notable was the city of Dearborn, in whose county (Wayne) the 'unreported' vote reached 75% and strongly expressed in a statement that "unless the president corrects the course of his policy (in relation to Palestine), "he risks ruining not only his presidency, but in the end even American democracy itself with the election of Donald Trump," Reuters quoted.

But Michigan was not the only state in which alarms went off. On Super Tuesday itself, the 'uncommitted' collected votes in six states and, in two of them, they achieved double digits. Minnesota, another 'Rust Belt' state, stands out especially, where they achieved 19%.

In short, the 'uncommitted' are taking a gamble. They have managed to shake the campaign of the current president and, although better times are not predicted if Donald Trump wins, it can be remembered that during his administration the Palestinian people lived in relative peace, always with a latent conflict but never with this rain of bullets and bombs dropped disproportionately by the Israeli army, MSN recalled.

It’s worth listening to the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer – co-chair of the Biden campaign and a hinge in the Democratic Party, among minorities and the White House – clarify the strategy to quiet the threatening 'uncommitted' and ensure the vote in her state and all the 'Rust Belt':

"It’s going to be important for the administration to keep contact with leaders and individuals in the Palestinian, Muslim, Arab American, as well as Jewish communities."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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