Rafael Correa Calls Trump 'Ignorant' over Fidel Remarks

Rafael Correa Calls Trump 'Ignorant' over Fidel Remarks
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28 November 2016
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Several countries rebuked the U.S. president-elect over his insensitive and inaccurate statement on Fidel Castro after his death.

Several leaders have slammed U.S. President-elect Donald Trump over his hostile statements on the death of Cuban revolutionary and leader Fidel Castro, with the most pointed critique coming from Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa who called Trump “ignorant.”

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In a tweet Sunday morning sharing an article about Trump’s remarks, calling Fidel a brutal dictator, Correa said, “The words of an ignorant (person) … an example of what Latin America can expect.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales also had some harsh words about Trump as he likened it to “fascism” having a “feast” over Fidel’s death.

"Almost everyone cries … but the president-elect of the United States with a group of people are celebrating,” Morales said in a speech Sunday. “I can not understand and I want to tell you: fascism with a lot of cynicism celebrates Fidel's death."

The Russian government also criticized Trump’s comments on the death of the Cuban leader saying it was disrespectful.

Alexander Schetinin, the director of the Latin American Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry attacked Trump over his comments.

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“As for the various manifestations and desires to backbite and speak in a disrespectful manner in respect to a deceased person, a politician, I leave it to the conscience of those who do so," Schetinin told RIA Novosti commenting on Trump’s statement on Fidel.

He added that the Cuban revolutionary was "a great politician of our time" who is “worthy of everyone's respect."

His comments came after people began to point to the stark difference between how Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted to the death of Fidel, calling him a "sincere and reliable friend of Russia," compared to Trump’s reaction, as many question the back and forth praise between the two men.

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